Digital Sales Platform

Educate consumers on the importance of a holistic plan that seamlessly integrates life insurance through Simplicity’s enhanced proprietary software.

This multi-module tool includes solutions for the following:


This story highlights the benefits of life insurance for cash value accumulation and compares the policy’s cash value growth, to the growth of a non-qualified, taxable asset.

Wealth Transfer

This story explains how you can repurpose part of a qualified asset into life insurance to maximize inheritance value for the next generation.


This story highlights the benefits of life insurance for retirement distributions and compares your policy’s income duration to the duration of a non-qualified, taxable asset.

Tax-Free Retirement

This story shows how tax-advantaged life insurance can provide more income than other assets that are burdened by taxes.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides compelling stories and educates clients/prospects on various product solutions
  • Helps simplify the sales process and shorten the sales cycle

  • Connects directly to insurance carriers
  • Interactive format and visual storytelling experience that requires only six client inputs

  • Keeps client engaged through pre-sale process
  • Allows for intuitive quoting and proposal delivery capabilities

We offer a variety of Marketing Services to help develop your brand and grow your business.


  • Logo Design

  • Business Stationery

  • Banners

  • Brochures and Flyers

  • Event Materials


  • Website
  • Custom Videos

  • Consumer Video Customization

  • Social Media Content

Educate Your Audience on the Power of Retirement Income, Growth, and Protection Strategies

  • 3 Presentation Environments: Educational, Dinner, and Virtual
  • Over 1% Average Direct Mail response rate
  • Turnkey: Presentation Materials, Scripting, Training, and More
  • 2 Presentation Environments: Dinner and Virtual
  • Attracts $500,000 Average Household Asset Leve
  • Turnkey: Presentation Materials, Scripting, Training
  • In-Person and Virtual Presentation Environments
  • Attracts $500,000 Average Household Asset Level
  • Turnkey: Presentation Materials, Scripting, Training
  • Multi-Platform Marketing
  • Field-Tested Strategies
  • Targeted Sales Training
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